Pipe images GF Harvel LXT® fitting and valve components are manufactured from the same low extractable material (LXT®). This provides entire system consistency and compatibility, while ensuring that extractable contamination is kept to a minimum. Leading-edge stress analysis technology is applied in the design of GF Harvel LXT® fitting and valve components to optimize strength and performance in critical applications.


High-quality GF Harvel LXT® components are designed to yield optimum performance for each fitting. Material reinforcement is uniformly placed in stress-concentration areas for substantially improved pressure-handling capability. Specialty transition fittings incorporate a stainless steel retaining ring that provides a strong, leak-tight seal for plastic-to-metal transitions while reducing problems associated with overtightening. The reinforced design reduces radial stress encountered with typical threaded connections, thereby eliminating the need for system pressure de-rating traditionally associated with non-reinforced plastic threaded joints. All LXT® fittings are produced in strict dimensional compliance with ASTM D2467 to Schedule 80 dimensions. GF Harvel components produced to these dimensions ensure that strong, leak-tight connections with exceptional pressure-bearing capability can be assembled quickly using inexpensive joining tools.


GF Harvel LXT® valves are available in two styles: True Union diaphragm configurations sizes 1/2" - 2" and True Union ball valve configurations sizes 1/2" – 4". GF Harvel LXT® diaphragm valves (sizes 1/2" - 2") and ball valves (sizes 3" - 4") carry a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi for water, non-shock, @ 73°F. GF Harvel LXT® ball valves sizes 1/2" - 2" carry a maximum pressure rating of 235 psi for water, non-shock, @ 73°F.


LXT® Van Stone style flanges are also available for transition to alternate materials or where disassembly may be required. This unique two-piece design incorporates a rotating flange ring that greatly simplifies bolthole alignment during installation.

Threaded Connections

Use only quality grade Teflon® tape as a thread sealant for GF Harvel LXT® applications. Warning: some pipe joint compounds or Teflon® pastes may contain substances that could cause stress cracking to plastics and increase the potential for system contamination. 1 to 2 full turns beyond finger tight is generally all that is required to make a sound plastic threaded connection. Unnecessary over-tightening will cause damage to both pipe and fitting.

NOTE: The information contained herein is based on current data and product design at last website revision and may be subject to change. Additional components and configurations may be added periodically due to our continued commitment to product-line improvements. Please contact GF Harvel Technical Services at 610-252-7355 for verification of technical data or additional information not contained herein.