Other Design Considerations

Proper system engineering, design, construction practices and operation are the responsibility of the design authority. Consideration must be given to ensure the Harvel LXT system is not exposed to any conditions that will exceed the product limitations regarding temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility, and mechanical strength. Detailed chemical resistance and other design information is available from GF Piping Systems.

GF Piping Systems does not recommend the use of this product for the transportation or storage of compressed air or gases, nor the testing of these systems using compressed air or gases. Excessive surge pressure must be avoided. The system must be designed to ensure that surge potentials generated by pump operation, entrapped air, flow velocity, and valve closure are kept to a minimum.

Harvel LXT piping systems are not formulated for outdoor use. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) will affect physical properties. GF Piping Systems recommends that newly installed systems be allowed to cure for a minimum period of 24 hours prior to rinsing procedures to reduce the potential for TOC contamination. Rinsing procedures, chemical rinse and other cleanup/disinfection procedures to be used are at the discretion of the system design authority. Note: Harvel LXT piping is compatible with hydrogen peroxide at concentrations up to 30% at 73°F. Contact GF for additional chemical compatibility information concerning the use of Harvel LXT products with various substances prior to use.