Product Description - Ultra Pure Water Piping

Ideal for the semiconductor, electronic, biotechnology, healthcare, university, and laboratory industries, GF Harvel LXT® low-extractable piping is made from an innovative clean PVC compound that offers a number of advantages over other high-purity piping created using traditional construction materials, including polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF):

  • Extremely low extractable contaminants, particularly trace metals and Total Oxidizable Carbon (TOC)
  • Fast, reliable installation with simple inexpensive joining methods
  • Specialty one-step fast-setting solvent-cement joining system rinses up quickly
  • Unique translucency allows visual joint integrity inspection
  • Ultra-smooth interior pipe surface minimizes the potential for bacterial growth and particle generation
  • Rigid Schedule 80 dimensions for pressure service requires fewer supports than flexible plastic systems

Unique Benefits for Critical Ultra-Pure Water Applications

In addition to superior performance, lower material costs and fast, reliable installation, the GF Harvel LXT® water system offers an array of unique benefits for use in critical ultra-pure water systems (UPW, DI, R/O, distilled, USP):

  • Non-contaminating materials designed specifically for use in aggressive UPW, DI, R/O and USP water piping applications
  • Complete line of high-purity water pipe, fittings and valves (IPS Sizes 1/2"-6" diameters)
  • Clean pipe double-bagged, sealed and boxed on-line to maintain cleanliness for use in high-purity environments
  • High-impact strength and low thermal conductivity ideal for various ambient temperature UPW grades including DI, R/O and USP water
  • Lower overall installed costs and improved life-cycle economics