ultra pure pvc pipingGF Harvel LXT® piping is produced from an innovative PVC compound that has been specifically formulated to reduce leachable contamination when exposed to ultra-pure water environments. Minor ingredients necessary for processing have been scrupulously selected to address their potential for contamination, and are then carefully blended in precise ratios. This results in a much cleaner material than conventional PVC compounds, and compares favorably to alternate materials typically used for UPW piping applications. This has been validated with extensive static and dynamic leach studies during exposure to 18.2 megohm ultra-pure water conducted by a reputable third party.

GF Harvel LXT® material meets the toxicological requirements of NSF International Standard 61 as being safe for use in potable water applications, and also complies with the provisions of Title 21 of the United States FDA Code of Federal Regulations as being safe for use in food contact applications.