SCH 80 ultra pure water pipeUPW process piping and fittings shall be manufactured from a specialty low-extractable, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound with a Cell Classification of 12343 per ASTM D1784. All pipe and fittings shall be produced to Schedule 80 dimensions, manufactured in strict compliance to ASTM D1785 (pipe), and ASTM D2467 (fittings). These products shall carry a Type II pressure rating and consistently meet or exceed the applicable Quality Assurance test requirements of these standards with regard to dimensions, workmanship, burst pressure, flattening resistance and end-product quality.

All UPW process valves shall be True Union-style diaphragm or True Union style quarter-turn ball valves produced from the same low-extractable PVC compound. All valve diaphragms and seats shall be PTFE; valve o-rings shall be EPDM or *Viton® as applicable. All valve components shall be replaceable. System components shall be joined utilizing Harvel LXT® One-Step specialty solvent cement specifically formulated for joining the system. All system components shall be manufactured in the USA by an ISO-certified manufacturer. All UPW piping shall be bagged and sealed immediately after manufacture to maintain cleanliness, and boxed and stored indoors at the manufacturing facility until shipped from the factory. UPW process pipe, components and cement shall be that as provided by Georg Fischer Harvel LLC, trade name Harvel LXT® – No Equal.